New Mum & Baby Gift Guide

You've heard the happy news that the baby has arrived! It's common to want to send a new mum and baby giftto the new parents with your congratulations, but what to send?

New Mum & Baby Hampers

Hampers for a new mum and baby are a great choice and you can tick a lot of boxes, especially with our "Make Your Own New Mum & Baby Hamper'selection - something practical but cute for the baby, something nurturing for the new mum, tea and biscuits too perhaps? You can choose a little something for everyone - even dad and siblings-  along with your heartfelt message of support and congratulations that we will handwrite on the gift card before sending beautifully packaged direct in the post to the recipient.

Gift Guide for New Mum 

Our New Mum Care Package contains some lovely pampering gifts including some bath salts, sugar scrub, handcream and lipbalm, along with some soothing herbal teas by Nipper & Co, especially formulated for new mums.


For a package including a gift for a new baby as well as mum, our New Mum & Baby Gift Package fits the bill with a gorgeously soft baby sleepsuit, a cute koala bath mitt for bath time fun, a bath oil bar & handcream for mum and of course new mum friendly tea and chocolate. 

New mum and baby care package

For a truly bespoke option, you can select each gift in your package and even choose whether to send it in a white card box or a gift hamper basket. From soothing baby balms and nursing balmsrefreshing facial mists, baby vests, lactogenic teas for breastfeeding, swaddle blankets and comfortersnew mum self-care books and handcream.


  Breastfeeding tea Nipper Mums Milk




A new mum has just done an amazing job carrying and birthing her new little one, and now has the wonderful, but exhausting and overwhelming job of parenting to contend with. Gifting flowers is lovely -but at this point, can just be another thing to tend to that might not be as appreciated as at other times. Champagne and wine gifts may also be pushed to the side if the new mum is breastfeeding or not up to drinking alcohol just yet.