The home of thoughtful gifting.  Hand picked artisan products, beautifully packaged to send to your loved ones

Our Story

Hello and welcome to IzzyBee!

We're a family run business:  Kate (founder), Marc (chief designer) and we are located in rural Somerset.


How did IzzyBee start?

I had often sent care packages to friends and family when they were poorly, or moving house.  But when my dear dad passed away in 2015, and I became the recipient of a home-made care package, I really understood how much it means to receive such a thoughtful and loving gift.  I decided to actually do something about turning the idea into a business, and the response has been overwhelming!  We love what we do, and hopefully you can see this reflected in our care packages.

How We Work:

1 -   Pick a box

2 -  Choose one of our beautifully designed cards to accompany the box

3 -  Sit back and give yourself a pat on the back for making someones day

What do people love about IzzyBee products?

We send all our boxes beautifully packaged. We make it easy to see exactly what you’re buying, and have a ‘no hidden extras’ policy – no extra cost for postage, gift packaging or cards. The price you see is the price you pay.

How happy do you feel when a loved one shows they care or lets you know that they’re thinking of you?  We make it easy for you to do the same for your loved ones.

Our aim is to bring a smile to the faces of the ones you love. A non-traditional gift that will really bring joy.  Gift someone who is feeling a little down or needs cheering up, reminding them that you think they are AWESOME, even if they don’t feel it. From a ‘thank you’ to a ‘well done’, show that you are thinking about a friend or loved one – even if you live far away from them.

What makes us different?

We put a lot of time and effort into the products we offer.  We offer a large range of prices so that however small (or not so small!) your budget is you can still show you care. We gave a lot of attention to the design of our cards that are enclosed free of charge. It’s the first thing someone sees when they open the box and will give them a huge smile and wave of emotion before they’ve even delved into the goodies! Often it’s quite overwhelming for someone to know that they’re thought of and valued – and is guaranteed to make them feel loved.  IzzyBee really is the home of thoughtful gifting!