Birthday Gifts For Female Friends

Choosing the perfect birthday gift is often a daunting task. There’s too much choice, and you’re always wondering if the gift will really be useful.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some great birthday gifts for female friends. At IzzyBee, you can choose the perfect gift, and we’ll hand-wrap it and deliver it for you along with a handwritten note. 

With a few clicks of a mouse and a few strokes of the keyboard, you can send a highlypersonalised gift no matter where you are.

Talk about stress-free gifting!

Birthday hampers

Birthday Hamper Content

At IzzyBee, we stock a special birthday hamper with a birthday chocolate bar, smooth hand cream, and a scented candle in a jar.

This is the base package, and you can opt to add a book too. Your choice of titles are “Little Miss Birthday”, “Mr Birthday”, “You are so Awesome”, “Little Book of Gin Cocktails”, “Little Book of Mindfulness”, and “Little Book of Self Care.”

All of these titles are awesome to give as gifts as they’re short and sweet and are a great way to show someone you think of then and care for them.

Check out ourbirthday hampers here.

Comforting gifts

Sending Hugs Gift Box Contents

TheSending Hugs gift box from IzzyBee is a great way to send a comforting care package. If your friend is in a high-stress job and/or is overworked, this box will be seriously appreciated.

In it, they'll get a velvety luxury chocolate bar, a pack of fine tea, a bottle of pink Himalayan salt to soak within a long bath, and a lavender and petitgrain candle.

Everything in the box is vegan-friendly, too.

Talk about an in-house spa experience!

Extravagant gifts

Indulgence Care Package Contents

Sometimes, a small gift just doesn’t cut it, and you really want to show your friend how much you love them.

In that case, IzzyBee has you covered. The Indulgence Care Package will let your friend really spoil and pamper themselves.

For starters, they can indulge in 2 bars of decadent chocolate and some salted caramel truffles.

That can be washed down with some smooth English Breakfast tea.

To keep the mood going throughout the day, there are two hand-poured scented candles with soothing smells such as eucalyptus, lavender, and sandalwood.

For skincare and to look really beautiful, this gift box has the whole 9 yards: soap, salts, perfume, a scrub, a face mask, and a lip exfoliator and balm.

You can also opt to add alpaca wool lounge socks and a bamboo sleep mask.

Check out the Indulgence package here.

Even though it may be difficult to pickone gift, gift hampers are a great way to give a little bit of everything. These self-care hampers are sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face.