LAUNCH WEEK - The His and Hers Package

Launch week was actually last week BUT this is the first opportunity I've had to actually put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard!) to chat a little about the products included in some of our newest boxes. 

This one - the His and Hers package - was an ongoing project for about 4 months.  I kept meaning to get around to compiling some favourites from the Mens Box we launched back in June, along with favourites from the postbox range of care packages.  Finally last week it all came together!

Quite a lot of customers had been asking us about putting together a care package for men and women / new mums and dads / joint anniversary gifts and so on.  One lady in particular had mentioned that some friends of hers were going through a tough time and she really wanted a little TLC package for both of them.  At some point soon we will be putting together a cheeky discount when you buy ours Mens package alongside the With Love or New Mum packages - but we wanted to put together a smaller postbox sized version for when you want to let a couple know that you're thinking of them.

We decided to add 3 of our favourite products from the Man Package, and 3 of our favourite womens products.  It was a no brainer that we would add the mens soap bar (which has been overwhelmingly popular!) along with one of the matchbox range of puzzles and the Rio Caribe Gold dark chocolate.  For the other half of the box we got in touch with our lovely candle suppliers, and they were in the process of bringing out a new range of fragrances.  We now stock their Green Fig soy tealights, which smell just divine and a generously sized pack of 6 are included in this new box.  Pop these tealights around the bath while soaking with the Vanilla and Rose salts, some delicious chocolate (made in Devon!) and that's a perfect evening right there!

As with all of our boxes - your choice of card comes free with every box, along with all giftwrapping and UK postage included in the price.