LAUNCH WEEK - The Pregnancy Package

This week we're busy launching 6 new boxes.... and the first is our Pregnancy Package!

While this package was in the making, we asked a LOT of friends and family about what they would have liked to receive when they were preggers.  While the answers were all fairly different (as of course each pregnancy is very different and individual) there was a definite common theme - things to help with sickness, something to help relax them, and ginger biscuits and tea cropped up quite a lot!  So we made the core products to suit the majority of pregnancies, with the option to switch out the peppermint tea for other caffeine free (or full blown tea if preferred!)  

When researching biscuit options (yum yum - its a hard job) we decided, after sampling the Kent & Fraser line of Gluten Free treats, that we would stock them as they just tasted SO DAMN GOOD - and gluten free is definitely something that our customers have been requesting for a while now.

We wanted to enclose something a little indulgent too - and the HUGE tub of milk chocolate buttons fitted the bill.  Perfect for sharing (yes we ARE joking - never attempt to take chocolate from a pregnant lady)

The maternity journal enclosed with the package is a real little gem for any pregnancy.  Whether your first or fifth baby - there's never a time like pregnancy for needing lists!  Appointment reminders, recording milestones, jotting down possible baby names, thank you's for baby shower gifts, the never ending list of nursery items needed.... and that's just for starters!  This book is beautiful, lightweight, portable and handbag sized.  Tick!

Of course, each box is - as usual - beautifully wrapped and comes with a choice of card and free UK postage.  The only remaining question was "what shall we call it?"  Various names flew around... '9 Months of Sickness' (my suggestion.... I didn't have the best time with my first pregnancy!) 'Growing a Human' (sounded a bit weird, like a science experiment) but we just kept coming back to the very obvious 'The Pregnancy Package'

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