Best Gifts for a Cancer Care Package Hamper

When a loved one is going through chemo for cancer treatment, they are often advised to avoid certain products such as strongly fragranced toiletries, foods high in sugar and to use items with natural ingredients where possible. We understand the difficulties in trying to find which gifts to send in a care package hamper with items that will support your loved one with their cancer treatment.

As cancer treatment often has side effects such as nausea and tiredness, feeling the cold and dry skin, a thoughtful cancer care gift packagecan help to alleviate some of these.

In IzzyBee's 'Make Your Own Cancer Care Package' collection, we have curated items which would be helpful and appreciated by someone with cancer. You simply add the box (or basket) and card, then add as many gifts as you like - don't worry we will choose the most appropriately sized box or basket for your selection. We will then handwrite your gift message on the card and send direct to the recipient (or back to you).

We also have a curated Cancer Care Hamper including some of our favourites below.

Our favourite cancer care gift hamper items are:

1. Anti-nausea mist by the Divine Hag

This Scottish-made mist spray is organic, vegan and presented in a glass bottle. Spray on a tissue and inhale, or simply spray in the air and gently inhale the restorative and calming essences of the essential oils will gently ease the feelings of nausea. 

Anti-nausea mist spray

2. Lemon & Ginger tea by Hoogly

This naturally caffeine-free tea in plastic-free biodegradable pyramids, made with zesty lemon, ginger & lemongrass. Ginger is known to help with nausea whilst the anti-oxidants in the lemon can help with immune function. A calming, gentle tea which relaxes and aids sleep.

 Lemon and Ginger wholeleaf tea for cancer care package gift


3. Unscented Wheatbag by The Wheatbag Company

These wheatbags are ultra comforting - to snuggle up to, to use to prop your arm, shoulder, leg etc, but the best is that you can pop it in the microwave to provide  warmth which makes such a comforting gift. They can even be put in the freezer for cooling. Although there is the option to have these with lavender, we would suggest the unscented version for cancer care as the lavender scent may be too overwhelming.

unscented wheatbag for cancer care package gift

4. Gentle Balm by Nathalie Bond

This natural, organic skin balm is ideal for soothing, nourishing, cleansing and adding moisture to skin with 100% natural ingredients (and 78% organic). Suitable for sensitive skin and adding moisture to skin, soothing minor skin irritations, it even effortlessly removes dirt and make up. This is an all-round great multi-purpose balm.

Gentle Skin Balm for Cancer care package gift hamper

5. Mint Gum by Milliways

Cancer patients often report a dry mouth as a side effect of treatment. This sugar-free, aspartamane-free, plastic-free, plant-based gum will help promote moisture in the mouth to help keep teeth healthy.

Mint Gum for Cancer Care Package Gift Hamper

6. Alpaca Bed Socksby Tom Lane

Cold feet can be troublesome during cancer treatment, but these cosy, soft alpaca bed socks (available in men's & women's sizes) are a luxurious and very practical gift and are sure to be appreciated. These are an IzzyBee favourite!

Alpaca bed socks for cancer care package gift

7. Always With You Pewter Pocket Token by Kutuu

This pewter hand-stamped pocket-sized token is lovely for the patient to slip into a pocket or purse to keep with them during treatment, knowing that they are being thought of from afar.

always with you pewter token for cancer care package gift hamper


The full range of cancer care gifts can be found here. Don't forget to add the box & card (or you can choose a hamper basket too) - then add as many gifts as your like. Add your gift message to the box in the shopping cart and we will handwrite this on the card you choose.