Encouraging Creativity in Children in 2017

In the last few years there has been a massive shift in the way young people spend their time, since the television was invented and found its way into the majority of households.

In an increasingly tech minded world, it can be hard (from experience SO hard!!) to drag our kids away from blue glow technology.  A few months ago I found myself researching articles regarding the importance of developing creativity in children of all ages.  We were in the process of developing our new kids gift package, and from the beginning I knew I wanted to add some creative packs into it.  Was it an outdated product though?

Looking further I found evidence of what I had of course known all along, about how vital it is to unplug our kids and foster creativity, especially from a young age - but right up to adolescent years.

Of course there's little doubt that some aspects of digital learning and education are important - vital even - in todays ever changing work environment.  But equally important are books, outside, and creative play.  It can prove difficult for time poor parents who work long hours, and are (understandably) reluctant to let their children play outside unless being watched like a hawk.  I'm not that old (honestly!) but my days of being 7 and allowed to roam free in school holidays from breakfast to dinner seem to be long gone. 

I'm so pleased with the range of creative sets we found to enclose with our kids boxes.  From a younger age our pet hospital is a huge hit (my daughter LOVED this one), build-a-bots by special request for robot crazy children, the build your own butterflies are adorable - and my pre-teen son loved the spy kit.  Hours of creative fun, engaging children and letting their imaginations run wild.  A winner for kids and a hit with parents looking for something exciting and non-tech for their children to be entertained with.

By the way - two of the articles I found very interesting were these from the Guardianand Creativity Post