All wrapped up ...

I thought that, given my latest instagram post on the value of beautifully wrapped presents, I'd elaborate a little further on the art of gifting. 

Presentation is obviously HUGELY important to us, and it took a lot of experimentation and samples with different tissue, ribbon, boxes, stamps... not to mention the hundreds of different card designs we tried - to get the right look (within the right budget of course!)  Its SO easy to get completely carried away with, often expensive, bits and pieces to add here and there.  The gift tags and inserts.  But I found that getting the basics just right made the biggest impact.  Heres my tips for style when gifting:

1) Pick a theme - at IzzyBee we favour a natural look (and of course environmentally friendly wherever we can!)  Think of a colour or stand out style that will make your gifts look well thought out and stylish.  I love to use plain brown wrapping paper with beautiful ribbon detailing that carries some continuity. 

2) Use a stamp to personalise.  You can find (or create your own) beautiful stamps, that will make your wrapping paper and gift cards completely unique to you.  Our favourites are from The English Stamp Company.  Stamping plain kraft paper with a gorgeous design, then adding some natural jute string can make it look amazing

3) Pick a beautiful quality ribbon (we love grosgrain) and crisp tissue paper if you are wanting a luxe look

4) Don't be afraid to add things you love.  My favourite is to add a sprig of eucalyptus underneath the ribbon.

5) Use glitter at your peril.  I used some glitter star wrapping paper recently (at my daughters request) and I was finding glitter everywhere on my floor for days afterwards. 

Of course, I haven't mentioned the gift itself. But we've found - just receiving and opening a beautifully wrapped gift (especially when its completely out of the blue) is often the best and most overwhelming part.  Just knowing that someone has been thinking of you is the best gift you can give!  Whether its one of our care packages, something very personal, or just some chocolate - let someone you love know that you care.

(ps - over on our Pinterestpage we've some great ideas for wrapping in style)