Making Memories

Here we are... 3 days into 2019.  Where did 2018 go?  It disappeared like a flash - and that slightly unnerving feeling of a whole year just slipping away has definitely changed my way of thinking about New Year resolutions.  

For this year - my resolution is to just try and make more memories.  If I eat healthier, do more exercise, read more books - blah blah blah - whatever all good and fabulous.  But more than anything, I want to make and capture some great memories for 2019.  I realised that I only have 5 (yes that's FIVE) summers left with my eldest son before he's officially an adult.  Terrifying.  I have some very distinct glorious memories of my childhood - and I want to ensure that our whole family gets chance to do the same together. 

And also to cherish and nourish friendships.  Spending more time helping and being there for friends.  A little unexpected gift or flowers left on doorsteps for friends going through tough times.  Because I know that I would truly appreciate a friend that does that for me too.

I fully expect 2019 to pass in a whirlwind as 2018 did - but I want to ensure that the things that are real and important stick firmly in my mind.

What are your new years resolutions?