Competition 3 of 3!

Our month of competitions is drawing to a close, but until this Monday you can be in with a chance of winning TWO care packages for both you and a friend! (or for two friends if you want to be extremely generous!)

Our little 'thinking of you' care package is one of our most popular (recently renamed from 'all for one') and was one of the first packages we put together when IzzyBee was just starting out.  

A choice from 4 different tea flavours (my pick would be the caffeine free Caramel Creme) 2 slabs of chocolate, made in Devon, and the utterly divine and calming Vanilla Rose bath salts - 100% vegan and organic.  All beautifully packaged and sent with a card of your choice.

It's also a little reminder about our #happinessproject we've been promoting throughout the month of January.  A reason to celebrate all of the little things that keep our spirits up during the colder greyer months of the year!  Whatever form that takes... a delicious mug of tea, a clear blue sky, watching the waves crash on the beach, meeting with a friend for cake and a catch up, an early night with a unputdownable new book... taking delight in the everyday can keep us lifted up.

Good luck to all those entering the competition!