Luxury Hospital Care Package

We've created this luxury hospital care package to provide practical and thoughtful luxury treats to lift the spirits of a loved one in hospital.

We've handpicked: puzzles to pass the time, a comforting heatable or freezable wheatbag, cosy alpaca socks, an insulated bottle to keep drinks hot or cold. There's also some lip balm and green bamboo handcream(hospital wards can be drying to the skin) as well as an uplifting shower gel and a pulse point oil roll-on with lavender to promote relaxation and sleep.

Oh, and there's an option to add some herbal caffiene-free tea to aid recovery. 

  • INSULATED TRAVEL BOTTLE 500ml. Stainless Steel. Keeps drinks warm (12 hours)  or cold (24 hours). Screw top. 
  • LIP BALM 'Glow' by Nathalie Bond. Vegan.  Made in Wales.
  • SHOWER GEL - Uplifting bergamot & orange essential oils with pump top by Organics Works. 300ml. Vegan. Cruelty-free  Made in Scotland
  • WHEATBAG with English Lavender by the Wheatbag Company. Heatable in the microwave for soothing warmth and freezable for cooling. Made in Wiltshire. 
  • LOGIC 'HAPPY CAMPER' PUZZLE - 40 brainteaser puzzles with wipeable pen & eraser. 12+to adult. By Professor Puzzle.
  • SLEEPY HEAD PULSE POINT ROLL-ON to relax & calm mind. Roll-on. Vegan. By Aery. Made in UK.
  • HANDCREAM 'Green Bamboo & Cypress' 75ml. Vegan. By Aery. Made in UK.
  • ALPACA BED SOCKS in Grey - UK size 4-7 (most ladies sizes) or UK size 8-11 (most mens sizes) by Tom Lane
  • JIGSAW MATCHBOX - 50 pieces. Mini famous art masterpiece chosen at random from 10 designs. By Professor Puzzle. 
  • OPTION TO ADD TEA - Choice of 'Fend' immune boosting herbal tea or 'Breathe' cooling minty tea to soothe digestive tract and calm. 15 pyramid bags. Plastic-free. By Lab Tonica. Or English Breakfast tea by Hoogly tea. 
  • GIFT WRAPPING -our bespoke card box, tissue paper, ribbon and paper shred
  • YOUR CHOICE OF CARD with your message handwritten

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