The Puzzle Club Puzzles 6+

PUZZLES (for anyone 6+) by Professor Puzzle

Brainteasing puzzles with the mission to separate the two metal pieces and re-attach! It's easy to separate, but not so easy to put them back together :-) This will test your lateral thinking skills!

There are 6 versions:

  • Nipper Puzzle
  • Enigma Puzzle
  • Sting Puzzle
  • Menace Puzzle
  • Pinch Puzzle
  • Claws Puzzle

Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Created by Professor Puzzle - a company that was started after Professor Puzzle himself stumbled upon a man selling ancient metal puzzles on a street in Calcutta. On his return to London, Professor Puzzle began making and selling to mesmerised customers who crowded round his market stall in Covent Garden, which was the starting point for Professor Puzzle's company today.

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