Premium Instant Colombian Coffee

Premium Instant Colombian Coffee by Littles (50g)

This excelso grade coffee from the Antioquia region of Colombia comes packed with naturally distinct hazelnut flavour. Thanks to the high growing altitude the coffee has a really good, clean acidity and a lovely sweetness.

Serve with milk to enjoy the creamy nutty notes, or serve black to experience this coffee's clean finish.

50g. Vegan.

No added sugar. 4 calories per cup.

100% recyclable packaging.


100% freeze-dried Arabica coffee

The Little's journey started over 30 years ago when husband and wife team, Henry and Leila Little, dreamed up the idea of making flavoured coffee - inspired by the coffee roasters they encountered on their travels around California. Before long, they both quit their day jobs to become full-time coffee fanatics. Now Littles is run by son Will and his wife, Caro who are committed to creating outrageously delicious coffee that's as friendly to the planet as possible.

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