Panda Baby Comforter Toy

Panda Baby Comforter Toy - by Priya & Peanut

This adorable panda comforter is a unique gift for any newborn baby, combining both comfort and sensory elements in one.

Made in black and white and featuring a sensory pattern on the blanket, not only will your baby love cuddling with it during sleepy times, but will enjoy the knotted corners, wooden teething ring and the texture of the cord panda head, enhancing your baby’s senses during awake times too.

The perfect baby companion in the pram, the car seat, the crib or for playing at home.

Babies can’t see colour, their vision is usually quite blurry and they can only see a maximum of 12 inches away. After much research, scientists begun to realise that high contrasting images, mainly Black & White colours registers with a Baby’s retina the best, meaning certain designs, if high contrasting enough can trigger and aid the development of the eyes of a baby.

Made in UK.

Priya and Peanut was founded by Anna and Rob in 2019, shortly after the birth of their first baby. Art teacher Anna began designing a variety of different high contrast images to print on photo cards for their newborn. Amazed by the fascination Grace had with them as they calmed her and gained her attention, they began to give them to our family & friends to use and test too. From that point on, Anna began designing a whole range of different animals, objects, patterns and more to create a whole collection of designs to help baby sensory development.

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