Natural Anti-Chafing Cream

Natural Anti-Chafing Cream by Sett Active

This is the daily ritual to maintain your skin in great condition. Soothe the burn, redness and sensitisation of chafing rash and enjoy every surf, cycle or run.

Every surfer knows, and fears the dreaded skin rash as do cyclists, athletes and anyone who has suffered from painful skin chafing. Fear no more with this unique and powerful mixture.

  • Designed specifically, and naturally to combat skin rash caused by chafing
  • Includes Honey, Seaweed, Pawpaw, Coconut Oil and more
  • Suitable for cyclists, athletes, anyone who suffers from a skin rash due to chafing
  • Great for children and sensitive skin as it uses natural ingredients
  • Also works as a general moisturiser with it's rich buttery texture

Whatever you've been up to in the great outdoors - surfing, cycling, running - give your skin a soothing, hydrating, calming treat.  Keep it in the fridge for an extra soothing feeling.

60ml. Made in England

Vegan.  Cruelty Free.  Fully recyclable packaging.

SETT was inspired and developed by a surfer. Born out of a need to protect himself whilst surfing and being outdoors. The catalyst for SETT was a crippling surf rash he suffered on a dream holiday in Hawaii, but couldn't find a solution; so he created one.

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