With Love....

Since pressing live just over 2 weeks ago at IzzyBee (how has it only been 2 weeks?!) we have been SO busy packing, wrapping and shipping our gift boxes and care packages. During this crazy time an unexpectedly happy side of running our small business has emerged.

Our customers will see that, as a part of their gift, you can personalise a gift card to be included in the package. What has touched us is the sentiment behind the gifts, which is reflected in these messages.

Now of course we wouldn’t quote any of these personal notes for others to see, but I can say that there is huge variety in all these different messages sent to and from many different people.  There have been messages from mums to daughters, best friends to best friends, thank you's to colleagues, get well soon to neighbours, helping friends through a difficult time - and orders from countries far away sending a little gift to their loved ones in the UK to let them know they are thought about, loved and missed.  (With the launch of the Men’s box coming soon we hope we can add to the list above – wives to husbands, sons to dads and more!)

We have had orders from across India and America, all over Europe and of course from within the UK, from Cornwall and the Channel islands - right up to Scotland.

This is exactly the response we were hoping for. If you have read the ‘About Us’ page of the website you will see I mentioned that when my dad passed away I really understood how much it meant to receive a thoughtful message, and to know I was being supported by friends and family near and far. This was the motivation behind setting up IzzyBee and it feels amazing to be a channel for people to connect in this way.

Following Spring Fair 2017 we are looking into some exciting new British products to add to our boxes and packages, and I can't wait to share it all with you - so keep checking back to IzzyBee, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for our updates.

Kate x