IzzyBee wins New Business of the Year award!

Last Friday was a hugely exciting evening for IzzyBee.  A while ago we found out that we were finalists in the 'Successful Women in Business' awards.  The category we were entered into was the Best New Business (under 2 years old). 

Not expecting to get to the finals, we were thrilled to get that far, and truly expected no more from the award evening on the 11th May.  The evening itself was a fantastic showcase of some amazing ladies and their businesses.  To meet and chat with some of these inspirational women was an absolute pleasure (and the food and cocktails weren't half bad either!)

The sponsor for our category was Mercedes Benz SW - and we enjoyed such a lovely evening in the company of their representatives, and the other praiseworthy finalists.

The cherry on the cake was when our category was announced and my name was called out as the winner of the Best New Business.  I was in a slight state of shock - and completely unprepared to give a speech - but managed to pull myself together enough to say a little about the humble beginnings of IzzyBee, and how proud I am of how far we've come in 18 months (there may have been a few tears)

So thank you to everyone who has supported us through kind words, feedback (yes all of it!) each and every order, friends cheering us on from the sidelines and our amazing suppliers and customers.

The business runs the same with or without awards or accolade of course - but when you're a relatively small fish in a VERY large ocean of gifting companies - playing alongside the big boys of retail, glancing over at the award when we're still processing orders at 1am or having a bad day (yes it happens to us all!) or trying to find the home/work balance in our family run business - it gives a little bolster of confidence and reminds us that yes we're doing okay....