Friendship rules....


Besties, Girl Gang, Mates, Tribe, Sisterhood.  Whatever you call them - a HUGE part of what IzzyBee is about, is making sure to let friends and family know how much they mean to you.  Letting them know they are in your thoughts.  So how can you keep and nourish these supportive friendships?  Sometimes they require time and effort… but to HAVE amazing friends, of course you need to BE an amazing friend.

1. Make TIME for your friends. The best kind of friendships are those that are built on years of shared experiences, laughter, tears, the “what happened on holiday stays on holiday” moments. But without investing time – these moments aren’t going to happen.  This is one point I need to be working WAY harder on, since life always seems to get in the way (and everyone has impossible-to-coordinate diaries!)  But it’s vital!  My next ‘mate-date’ is already booked in!  Even if it’s just a note, a phone call or a catch up over coffee… MAKE IT HAPPEN!

 2. Be the friend you’d like to have. Don’t take your friendships for granted. Be a good listener.

3. Be encouraging and celebrate her success. Be the cheerleader, celebrating the good times, wanting the very best for her. When she’s having a low spot, remind her of how well she’s done in the past.  Let her know she’s awesome.

4. Be honest. This is a tricky one. But when it’s needed and with her best interests at heart…. And ALWAYS with kindness.  She’ll know that when she needs a valued opinion… you’re there for her with honesty, positivity and without judgement. 

5. I’ve got your back. This is the way to know who your circle is. Stick with these ones!  Whether it’s sticking by each other when times are tough, or giving her the benefit of the doubt when she’s had a bad day and said something you know she didn’t mean.  We all have those bad days right?!  Being there through the rough can be tiring – but good friendships are worth the effort, stick by their side and they will be there for you when the chips are down.

 The thing about putting in the effort to be a great friend is that you get it back!  So this blog piece is for all my amazing friends, the ones who have my back…. who have dried my tears, made me laugh until it hurts – whether I’ve known them the whole of my life, or just in the last few years.  When you find those friends who ‘get’ you, who you know you can trust with your life (and your heart) grab them tight and be the best friend right back at them.