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A Hug in a Box

A Hug in a Box

We were recently asked by an interviewer, how we would describe IzzyBee in one sentence.  I thought back to some lovely feedback we had from a customer, saying that it felt like she had received a hug through the post.  That's exactly what we had in mind when IzzyBee was in the first stages of planning.  The experience I had myself felt when I received a loving home made care package from a friend after my dad passed away.  Though my friend couldn't be near felt like she had sent her love through the letterbox, in both a practical and emotional way. 

From the moment a customer spots the cheery 'Happy Post' sticker on the front of the parcel, they know they're in for something lovely.  On opening the box, the senders card of choice is nestled carefully under luxury ribbon, and shouts out the sentiment.  Whether a 'Congratulations', Thank You', 'You Are Fab' or 'Sorry to Hear You're Under the Weather' - before the gift is even unpacked, its like they're getting a warm hug from a friend.

Knowing that someone is thinking of you from afar is such a mood booster.  We're on a mission at IzzyBee HQ to spread some happiness and love through the post!

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  • Katherine Worden