A guide to sending get well soon gifts

A guide to sending get well soon gifts


We’d planned this post into our content calendar a few months ago, little did we know the relevance it would have right now, at a time where our world and each and every one of us is facing one of the most challenging times to date.


When a close member of your family has fallen ill, or a dear friend is in hospital, there’s no better time to show you’re thinking of them. Sending a thoughtful gift to brighten their day never goes unnoticed and so without further ado, we’d like to share with you the IzzyBee guide to sending get well soon gifts and hospital care packages.


  • Who is your gift for?


First and foremost, think about who you’re sending a get well soon gift too. Consider their personality, their likes and dislikes and how they will be feeling at the time. Choosing this type of gift requires a little extra thought and sensitivity to their circumstances - after all, you can’t send sugary treats to someone who is recovering from a dental operation!


  • Where are you sending your gift to?


It may not be the first thing you think of when sending out a lovely gift to cheer someone special up, however, we’ve learnt a thing or two about gifting over the years and hospitals have certain guidelines and these can also vary from ward to ward, so it’s worth checking before you start selecting what to send.


Some things to consider:


  • Check you have permission for delivery and the best time to send your gift if you aren’t delivering it in person
  • Flowers are often not allowed as guided by the NHS
  • Books always work well to keep patients entertained throughout their stay
  • Children’s toys must be brand new


 Get Well Soon Gift Hamper

  • What should I send?


If you’re feeling a little lost for ideas, that’s where we can most certainly help! Not only do we have a collection of thoughtfully curated get well soon gifts, but we also have our popular make your own gift option too. Here’s some inspiration if you’re not sure where to start...


  • Thinking of You

Thinking of You Letterbox Gift Hamper 

Perfect for when you aren’t able to visit, our Thinking of You gift promises to perk up the recipient. Featuring a superb selection of artisan chocolates, luxury teas and bath salts, this little pick-me-up is sure to bring a smile and remind them you are there when they need you most.


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  • Kids Hug Box


Sometimes the little ones need the biggest hugs and so our Kids Hug Box is filled with treats to ensure they feel calm and comforted. With activity packs to entertain and an adorable soft puppy wheat bag toy that can be microwaved for a warm cuddle, turning their attention away from illness as they unbox their special present will help to lift their mood.


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  • Warm & Cosy Care Package

Warm & Cosy Care Package Gift  

Often, illness creeps up because we are run down or burnt out and our body reminds us we need a little more self-care. Our Warm & Cosy Package is designed to soothe mind, body and soul with a mixture of pampering presents. Think luxurious lounge socks, Himalayan bath salts and more.


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  • Make Your Own Gift Package


If you’d like to spend some time creating your own completely unique get well soon gift, then our Make Your Own gift is the perfect option. We’ve got boxes to suit all sizes so fill to your heart’s content with goodies to surprise your nearest and dearest with.


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Izzybee Gift Box Hamper

For even more inspiration, explore our range of gorgeous Get Well Soon Gifts.