Raw Silk Massage Gloves

These raw silk massage gloves can be used to perform a Garshan (traditional auryvedic) dry massage as an alternative to a massage with oils to benefit those with headaches, stiffness, fatigue, neuralgia and intestinal issues.

By massaging the whole body with vigorous strokes and circular strokes on the joints, metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated and impurities are removed more quickly and easily with up to 5 minutes of the Garshan massage each day.

Skin is refreshed, fatty deposits and cellulite start to break down and by increasing the static electricity in and around the body, the body's own energy centres help to alkalise and ionise blood and lymph.

Natural and hypoallergenic. Includes a pair of loose fitting gloves. One size fits all. Includes instructions on how to perform the Garshan massage.

Hand wash.

Made in England.


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