Handthrown Porcelain Tumbler

Handthrown Porcelain Tumbler - Light Blue or Blush Pink

Softly Thrown Porcelain Tumbler with Swirl Design

Handcrafted with love and expertise, this porcelain tumbler features a mesmerizing spiral detail added while still on the wheel, making each piece delightfully unique.

This handle-less tumbler is not only a stylish addition to your collection but also a versatile companion for various uses. From holding your toothbrush to serving a refreshing mojito on a warm evening, it adds a touch of artistry to every moment.

Completed with an unglazed foot, revealing the pristine white porcelain and stamped with Blackheath Pottery's signature maker's mark.

H 12 x W 8 x D 8 cm 

350 ml

Blackheath Pottery are based in the countryside of the Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland, nestled in the courtyard of the historic grounds of the Georgian Blackheath House. They looked to the past for inspiration honouring the craftsmanship that existed all over Ireland in years gone by. Handcrafted pottery made to be used daily, enriching the experience of a humble cup of tea.

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