Organic Brushed Silk Exfoliating Mitt

Organic Brushed Silk Exfoliating Mitt by The Big Silk

The Big Silk’s mulberry silk exfoliating mitt is the answer to silky smooth, tan-ready skin, without the need for harsh chemicals.

The easiest and gentlest way to remove dead skin + impurities, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and prevent ingrown hairs - you can finally stop making a mess of your bathroom with that coffee scrub!

 - Purifies and gently removes dead skin

- Reduces the appearance of stretch marks, scarring and hyperpigmentation

- Promotes collagen and blood circulation

- Removes fake tan and preps skin for fresh application

- Hydrating

- Leaves dry skin looking healthy and glowing

- Prevents in grown hair


The Big Silk's products are ethically sourced, Fair trade, non-toxic and sustainably sourced using only biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

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