London Borough of Jam (Gl, D, V)

London Borough of Jam

Vegan, Dairy-free & Gluten-free

London Borough of Jam products are small batch made, all natural & no commercial pectins added.

 Choose from:

- RASPBERRY & HIBISCUS- Sweet summery Raspberries are cooked with dried Hibiscus Flowers creating a floral sharp jam perfect for breakfast. We add the Hibiscus Flowers to help retain a bright pink colour. Ingredients: Raspberries, unrefined cane sugar, dried hibiscus flowers & lemon juice.

- STRAWBERRY & ROSEWATER - this summery jam, made at the peak of the Strawberry season, is paired with a hint of the Middle East, a splash of the classic Rosewater.

Each jar is 220g

Lillie O’Brien established London Borough of Jam in 2011, following five years as pastry chef at St John Bread & Wine in London, United Kingdom. LBJ preserves are made in small batches and cooked for a shorter time compared to generic brands.


Strawberry & Rosewater: Strawberries, unrefined cane sugar, rosewater & lemon juice.

Raspberry & Hibiscus:Raspberries, unrefined cane sugar, dried hibiscus flowers & lemon juice.


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