Baby Bliss Mist

Baby Bliss Room Mist by Divine Hag

A perfect baby shower gift

A glorious blend of gentle restorative essential oils, a little bit of heaven for both mum and baby

This mist has been blended to create a relaxing gentle atmosphere to soothe and ease

It was created specifically for use during feeding as this bonding time can be fraught with difficulties and the relaxation of both mum and baby can enhance the experience

Vegan. Organic. Made in Scotland.

100ml glass bottle with pump spray. 


Inspired by the pure raw nature of the Scottish countryside, Divine Hag's organic aromatherapy products have both healing properties and beautifully scent the home. Divine Hag creates scents for women at every stage of life. All products are hand blended in small batches and provide a healthy and natural alternative to conventional chemical laden room fragrances.

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