Baby Bed Refresher

Baby Bed Refresher by Norfolk Natural Living  

This natural Baby Bed Refresher - is designed with little ones in mind. Using only the botanically sourced ingredients, highly concentrated, it is engineered to cleanse and protect your little ones clothes. Infused with a sleepy lavender fragrance, it's designed to calm and relax your little one.

With top notes or Rosemary, middle notes of Jasmin and Lavender, it is balanced with the relaxing Cedar wood and Patchouli essential oils.

Norfolk Living make their refresher by hand in small batches in Norfolk, so the ingredients are super fresh and effective. They don't use harsh chemicals found in a lot of laundry detergents - bleach or other toxic ingredients.

Norfolk Natural Living's range is formulated using ecologically responsible practices,  sourcing as many ingredients as possible from skilled British artisans, from Norfolk lavender fields to the finest English beeswax. They have 100% traceability on every ingredient, so they know exactly what goes into every single bottle.

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