Little Notes of Love

Little Notes of Love

This set of six notecards each carry a delightful note of love, perfect for putting a smile on that special someone's face.

A perfect gift for Valentine's Day, wedding anniversaries, or simply to keep the candle of romance burning bright.

This set of six text based notecards include:

  • Sometime soon I'll fly you to the moon,
  • And you are very attractive I may stare at you,
  • Let's get lost,
  • Somehow we just work
  • Of all the galaxies in all the universes
  • Aw you're cute can I keep you?


    Random Notes of Encouragement

    Spur someone on and reinstate their confidence with the Random Notes of Encouragement! Each A7 sized postcard (blank on the back in case you want to write something) is printed with one of the following messages:

    • Good Vibes Only
    • Be brave, take risks
    • Be kind to yourself
    • Just keep swimming
    • Small steps
    • Hang tough

    made from:

    6 x A7 sized postcards (10.5cm x 7.4cm), digitally printed on 350gsm recycled uncoated card, each with an envelope all tucked up in a vellum envelope (16cm x 9cm)


    Random Notes of Appreciation

    This set of six notecards each carry a delightful note of appreciation, perfect for putting a smile on someone's face.

    Has a stranger or someone you know done you a good turn, made you smile, treated you well or just been there for you when you needed them the most? Why not show your gratitude by slipping one of our notes of appreciation into their lunchbox, glasses case or alongside the tip you leave.

    Included are six notecards with the following sentiments:

    • 'Chin Up Buttercup'
    • 'Keep Smiling It Suits you'
    • 'You've Made My Day'
    • 'You're My Cup Of Tea'
    • 'Have a Happy Day'
    • 'Everything is Peachy'.

    Made by hand by Bread & Jam , a husband and wife team, Jamie & Catherine, based in beautiful Cumbria. Their ethos is  to create things that reflect their inspiration. They love great design and perfectly practical gifts.

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