The Man Gift Box (and the reasons why)

So as you may have seen, we've launched a few new boxes recently - one of them being the Man Box.

One of the first boxes I actually wanted to create back last year was a box for men.  The guys are notoriously hard to buy for.  And getting something that wasn't socks, wasn't gimmicky, looked cool, looked like a proper gift rather than an afterthought, and most importantly didn't cost a fortune, were all big factors.

We'd been looking for a coffee supplier for quite some time - and finding a company local to us (just 15 minutes down the road!) who made AMAZING coffee was fantastic.  The timing coincided with launching the Man Box and (although you can also buy it in some of our other boxes too) it was a staple item in this one.

Next up was the chocolate.  We wanted something exclusive just for the men.  Again a local supplier to us that produce some amazing flavours came up with the perfect bar (two in fact in each box)  And they are delicious (yes I tasted them to make sure - perk of the job)

We already use a fabulous supplier called Bloomtown, and I was totally blown away by their clearing soap bar.  Definitely manly enough (but ladies I expect you'll want to pinch this one) it smells heavenly.  I'm sold on this one product for life.  Its FAB.

And then finally after looking around for some months for something quirky and fun to add to the boxes, as soon as we laid eyes on the matchbox puzzles we knew they were a perfect addition.  They look cool, and provide hours of fun.

We're so happy with the boxes, and our customer feedback so far has been great.  They are going down a storm - especially for Fathers Day gifts.

Man Box Care Package Cancer Support

As you may have seen on our social media sites - for the month of June we are donating 50% of profit from our Man Boxes to Prostate Cancer UK.  For many reasons it felt right at this time.  The launch of the Man Box coincides with the lead up to Fathers Day, 18 months since my dad passed away, and almost 20 years since he had his first diagnosis of prostate cancer.  

He lived with it for a long time, carrying on much of a normal active life, until in those last few years began to deteriorate rather more swiftly.  I think he would have loved one of these boxes!  He was a fixer and a practical man and would have loved those little puzzles particularly.  

You won't find me posting very often about my dad as it all still feels a little painful (I hope you'll understand!) to divulge too much about what an amazing and kind man he was, or about those last few years and months - but I thought it would be nice to explain the reason for choosing this charity to help support in a small way. 

Kate x