The Happiness Project

January can be a tricky one.  With all the new year resolutions, a barrage of reminders to reinvent yourself, go on a diet, plan your year.  All when you're still recovering from possibly overindulging slightly, feeling a bit run down (or like our family recovering from 2 weeks of the flu)  your pockets are slightly emptier, and without the anticipation of some time off work... life can feel a bit "meh"

We decided that January was the perfect month to launch our #happinessproject.  Something to celebrate and mark all of the wonderful little pick me ups that can help carry us through January.  These happiness project moments don't need to be ground breaking, they don't need to be a holiday of a lifetime in the Maldives (though that would be rather nice right now!).  But the everyday sparks of joy and contentment.  Things like a blue sky.  Sitting in the peace and quiet for 10 minutes with a cup of tea.  A new book.  A friend popping in with biscuits (or gin) for a much needed catch up and belly laughs.  The fire warming your toes after a walk in the clear cold sunshine.

We can take these little snippets of joy for granted, and by marking them with our hashtag #happinessproject we can stay mindful of these everyday wonders. 

Feel free to add your own #happinessproject moments on Instagram with us through the month of January.