School Holiday Survival Techniques

We're approximately half way through the summer holidays - and woah mumma hasn't the weather been amazing so far?!

With the heatwave due to subside slightly (inevitably - it is the UK after all!) over the next few weeks its time to dip into the jar of summer holiday ideas and suggestions to keep the little ones entertained on those rainy days.

Our last blog post (here) came up with some great suggestions from our followers, and our family has done plenty of them - from national trust visits to free local days out.  Its now time to dig out the cake making and art supplies as we have some rain forecast this week.  And I often need to remind myself that it's okay to have some quiet days at home.  We don't need to be constantly on the go and creating activities for our children for every waking moment of the holidays.

At this slightly chaotic point of the holidays - it leads to a definite need for some TLC for yourself.  In the evenings when the kids are tucked up asleep I have been making time to read (currently Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig - highly recommended) either curled up on the sofa with a cuppa or while soaking in the bath.

If you (or a friend) are in need of a reminder to treat yourself - our 'Relax' care package comes packed with bath salts, two flavours of tea, two slabs of Devon made chocolate, lipbalm and face mask.  

With a little activity planning ahead of time -  and by taking time to recharge my batteries - I'm ready to face the rest of the holidays with (almost) as much enthusiasm as the kids!