Corporate Gifting Tips

In the last year, IzzyBee Corporate Gifting has grown hugely.  While our initial focus was on individual acts of gifting – larger corporations have seen the appeal and personableness of such thoughtful and unique gifting ideas.  We can help any size of organisation to curate a gift, that is sent with heartfelt consideration, to put across your company message.  Whether that be for employees or for much valued clients.  We offer company branding to cards – and even to the front of boxes for a really memorable gift.

After being approached by several large companies to assist with their corporate gifting, and successfully filling each brief, we thought a little corporate gifting 101 would be a useful feature on our blog this month.

  • Why gift to clients?

A business gift can be good for your business.  Many businesses feel that corporate gifting is an effective way to express their appreciation to valued clients.  It can also help to get across the correct message about your company.  In short it can help with strengthening relationships.

  • Why gift to employees?

When it comes to employee incentives – it can really boost staff morale – which in turn leads to increased productivity, staff loyalty and, just as importantly, a happy and healthy working environment.  To get the best out of your staff the most successful businesses know that time and effort must be put in to ensure everyone feels valued and acknowledged.

Gift giving on special events – whether that be on a personal level or business – can help strengthen employee – employer relations.  Quality staff can be hard (and expensive!) to find – so it seems a no-brainer to make sure they stay happy and motivated.  Word spreads quickly about employers who really look after their staff – make sure your organisation has such a great reputation!

  • When should I gift?

Traditionally people tend to think of December as ‘gifting season’ and while that is often the case, as it can round off the year nicely and re-affirm how valued business and employee relationships are, it is not the only time to use corporate gifting.

Don’t forget that gifting at other times of the year can help your business to stand out from the crowd, especially if it ties in with special events such as a new baby, special milestone – or to celebrate a particular achievement.

Of course – it is always important to carefully consider the timing and size of gift to ensure that there is no reason to question your motive.  It would also be wise to check that there is no policy that would affect your business relationship in a negative way.

  • What gift should we choose?

Quality – this conveys the correct message about your organisation and the value you hold over your clients or staff members.

Thoughtful – communicating that your organisation is professional, sincere and that you recognise that person as valuable.

On Brand – keeping your company in mind, while reinforcing why your employees or valued clients should reciprocate loyalty to you.  Aspire to be the preferred place of employment or go-to company.

Investing in a thoughtful, quality gift from IzzyBee can really boost your business.  To find out more about how we can help your organisation – or to see testimonials from past and current clients – use our contact page.  We will be pleased to chat about how we can help, without obligation.