Fend- Immune Boosting Tea

Fend Immune Boosting Tea By Lab Tonica

A fortifying, fruity tonic blend.

A premium mood-boosting herbal tea. Formulated with whole herbs, fruits and roots that support the immune system. Featuring elderberries, echinacea, hibiscus, nettle, and rose-hips.

Made with all natural ingredients 

100% compostable packaging. 

15 x biodegradable plastic-free  pyramids

Ingredients: Elderberries (25%), Hibiscus (18%), Elderflower (17%), Rosehip (12%), Freeze-dried Raspberry (8%), Echinacea Root (6%), Lemon Balm (6%), Nettle (6%), Calendula Petals (2%)


As a young girl, Founder Kitty McEntee's mum would enchant her with tales of her great-grandmother Louisa, the white witch, who could heal people with ‘something in the garden’ and an unknown magic touch. She desperately hoped to inherit this magic and yearned to know her secrets.  With a passion for the power of plants and the amazing alchemy of nature and our bodies, Kitty went on to create Lab Tonica- a fresh brand and using only the finest herbal ingredients and modern techniques to create teas using ancient knowledge to nurture from the inside.

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