Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen by Edinburgh Honey Co

Discover the natural wonder of bee pollen with these premium Bee Pollen Granules, a delightful and healthful addition to any gift selection.

Bee Pollen Granules are a unique and thoughtful gift, harvested with care and expertise, each granule is packed with essential nutrients and the vibrant energy of the hive.  It consists of simple sugars, protein, minerals and vitamins, fatty acids, and a small percentage of other components.

Bee pollen isn't just a superfood; it's a symbol of vitality and well-being. Whether added to smoothies, sprinkled over salads, or enjoyed on its own, its versatility makes it a delightful addition to any culinary creation.

  • Bee Pollen weight: 60g
  • Packaged in a glass recyclable jar

The Edinburgh Honey Co is an independent, family-owned company with 60 years of beekeeping traditions. All of their honey is sourced in the sustainable and responsible way and they specialise in rare, high-quality raw honey , that is hand-packed with recycled materials only and it is 100% plastic free.

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